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Vanadyl Sulphate

Vanadyl Sulphate, VOSO4, is a well-known inorganic compound of vanadium. This very hygroscopic blue solid is one of the most common sources of vanadium in the laboratory, reflecting its high stability. It features the vanadyl ion, VO2+, which has been called the "most stable diatomic ion. Vanadyl sulfate is an intermediate in the extraction of vanadium from petroleum residues, a major commercial source of vanadium. Vanadyl Sulphate is a component of some food supplements and experimental drugs. Vanadyl Sulphate exhibits insulin-like effects.

Vanadyl Sulphate means VOSO4 is inorganic compound of vanadium and this hygroscopic blue solid is common source of vanadium in the laboratory and it is reflecting its high stability of VOSO4. Vanadyl ion and VO2+ is it’s

Specifications - Vanadyl Sulphate
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Vanadyl Sulphate
CAS No. [27774-13-6]
Molecular formula VOSO4. 2H2O
Molecular weight 198.94 g/mol
Description Blue colored crystalline powder
Vanadium Not less than 30.31 %
Assay Not less than 97.00%

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