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Toldimphos sodium

Toldimphos sodium trihydrate has CAS No. 5787-63-3, Mol. Wt. 275.23 gms/mol, Molecular formula C9 H19 NO5PNa. It is chemically known as Sodium[4-( dimethyl amino) -2 methylphenyl] Phosphinate Trihydrate. It is mainly used as one of the ingredients along with Vitamin B12 to treat nutritional deficiencies of Calcium and Phosphorous in animals like cattle and dogs.

It is an animal health care product to enhance milk production capacity and fertility in Animals.

The information given above is based on our current knowledge and should not be considered as an intention of our Company to provide any medical information or as an advice for animal specific treatment. For any medical attention for your animals, livestock , we advise our customers to consult a Veterinarian/ Veterinary Doctor and act as per his/ her advice.

Specifications - Toldimphos sodium

Toldimphos sodium

Toldimphos sodium



Molecular formula C9H19N O5 P Na
Molecular weight 275.23 gms/mol
Description A white or almost white crystalline powder.
Identification by chemical test
a) Test A Yellow color should observe.
b) Test B Gives grey precipitation of metallic silver should produce.
c) Test C A yellow precipitate should separates out.
pH Between 8.0 and 9.0.
Loss on drying Not more than 20.5 %.

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