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Sodium selenate

Sodium Selenate CAS No. 13410-01-0 also known as a Disodium selenate is a white to off white solid powder, highly soluble in water. It has the Mol. Formula Na2SeO4, Mol. Wt.: 188.94 gms/mole,. with Selenium having (+6 )oxidation state . It is prepared by the oxidation of Sodium selenite with a suitable oxidizing agent..

Sodium selenate contains selenium as one of the most essential nutrient for overall health and development of the animals, domesticated birds. Deficiency of Selenium leads to various diseases affecting their health and reproductive performance or efficiency of egg production. Selenium is available in inorganic and also in its organic form . The inorganic form includes elemental selenium , Sodium selenite , Sodium selenate , etc. and organic form such as selenomethionines .

Sodium selenate is the cheapest source of selenium , that is added as a nutritional supplement in the Poultry feed in micro quantities to treat deficiencies due to lack of selenium. It is used in the animal feeds as per the currently authorized maximum contents of total selenium in the complete feed and as per the permissible tolerable limits

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Specifications - Sodium Selenate
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Sodium Selenate
CAS No. [13410-01-0]
Molecular formula Na2SeO4
Molecular weight 188.94.
Description White or off-white crystlline powder.
Loss on drying Max. 0.50%.
Selenite Max. 1.00%
Selenium Min. 40.94%.
Assay Between 98.0% and 100.5%.

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