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Oxyclozanide, CAS No. 2277-92-1 , is an Organic compound associated with the family of Salicylanides anthelmintic . It has Mol Formula C13H6 Cl5 NO3, Mol. Wt 401.46 gm/mol. It is a pale cream colored powder slightly soluble in water but freely soluble in Acetone, and also Alcohol.

Oxyclozanide is an effective anti parasitic drug ( for veterinary use only) , in the treatment and control of the disease Fascioliasis in Sheep , Cattle , goats. Oxyclozanide’s anti parasitic action not only kills the parasite, but it prevents its infestation.

However this drug should not be used for dogs, cats. Further, Veterinary drugs should never be used for Human beings. The information given above is based on our current knowledge and should not be considered as an intention of our Company to provide any medical information or as an advice for animal specific treatment. For any medical attention for your animals, livestock, we advise our customers to consult a Veterinarian/ Veterinary Doctor and act as per his advice.

Specifications - Oxyclozanide

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Molecular formula C13H6Cl5NO3
Molecular weight 401.46 g / mol
Description A pale cream or cream colored powder.
By IR The IR spectrum of test sample should be concordant with IR spectrum of similar preparation of Oxyclozanide of working standard.
By UV The light absortion, in the range 250 to 350 nm, of a 0.003 percent w/v solution in acidified methanol exibits maxima at 300 + 2 nm.The absorbance at maximam, about 0.76.
Melting point About 208o c
Sulphated ash Not more than 0.2 %.
Ionisable chlorine Not more than 0.25 %..
Loss on drying Not more than 1.0%
Assay Not less than 98.0% and not more than 101.0%

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